American boxer died after being knocked out

World boxing village was shocked when the official confirmation of 27-year-old American boxer, Patrick Day was killed after 4 days of coma due to a traumatic brain injury from last week’s battle at the ring in Chicago City, USA.

In the match against heavyweight Charles Conwell and a sub-match just before the main heavy match between boxer Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) won against American boxer, Chazz Witherspoon on October 13, Patrick Day has defeated knock-out in the 10th inning.

It was because of severe head injuries that made Patrick Day unconscious and fell into a coma. Immediately this boxer was taken to the emergency hospital, but after 4 days of treatment did not survive.

Patrick Day is the third boxer to have died after a recent battle in the ring, after Russian boxers, Maxim Dadashev and Hugo Santillan (Argentina) were killed in succession in July, and are all the same cause of multiple head injuries that causes severe brain damage that cannot be cured.

Patrick Day (trái) đã nhận nhiều cú đấm chí mạng của đối thủ khiến bị hôn mê và qua đời sau 4 ngày nhập viện /// AFP

In the face of these consecutive deaths, world boxing officials such as the World Boxing Council (WBC) in their announcement said: “It is difficult to explain and justify the dangers of boxing at the present time because in fact, many martial artists died.”

Therefore, there will be review and the best solutions to bring safety for boxers when competing. However, for the time being, decisions on how to change will require thorough consideration before enacting new laws.

Meanwhile, the martial artist with Patrick Day, Charles Conwell, was shocked to know his colleague died. Charles Conwell said: “If I can come back, and change Patrick Day’s chances of survival, I’m ready to do it right away, because no one wants such tragedy, especially in physical battles.”

Võ sĩ quyền anh Mỹ thiệt mạng sau khi bị knock-out - ảnh 1

It is known that the heavy boxing match was organized by the famous boxing organizer, Mr. Eddie Hearn, so he was really shocked to hear that Patrick Day was comatose and died.

Similarly, the world boxing village is shocked with many organizations such as WBO, WBC,… condolences to the family of the boxer Patrick Day, and promises to have a solution to prevent the increasing danger in boxing.