Decipher the training secret to dig brave Samurai warriors

Researcher Balazs Szabo and colleagues from the Japanese department, Lorand Eotvos University in Budapest, Hungary, introduce a Samurai training manuscript.

The techniques of using swords, appearing in the age of the gods, have been handed down spiritually and formed a tradition respected by the world. But the magnificence of it will only be exerted when the student’s knowledge reaches maturity.

According to Fox News, when you have problems with talent and talent. Text is a kanbun style text. The rest of the element and its part. For most of the content, the manuscript requires students to have good discipline and not be afraid to face each other.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Samurai

When walking out of the gate, even though we see the enemy overwhelming in number, we are not allowed to wobble, tremble. If we can do that, we will be the winner when the fight between the two sides has just begun. This is a passage in Bugei no jovà and is quoted from the Five Books, 7 important military manuscripts of ancient China.

Only members of the Samurai class are allowed to accept martial arts manuscripts and this opportunity is almost never for outsiders. Samurai students in most cases will participate in various martial arts training schools. In addition, they will also be taught to write in Chinese, to learn Confucianism and poetry. They lived at a time when the country of Japan was undergoing tremendous changes.

Samurai Rule The Bugei no jo has a clear statement that martial artists must be knowledgeable and calm. Among them, there are rules like “don’t give up the path of honor” and “don’t do shameful things”.

Another noteworthy principle is that “do not let the teachings of the school get out”. This principle was created to keep the secret of the school’s martial arts tips and to help students. It helps them find themselves in every fight.