Dustin Poirier, diamond of Louisiana (Part 2)

Dustin is a beautiful example of the American working class.

Outside the arena, Dustin is an honest and reserved person. Dustin frankly admitted that he had not finished 9th grade and was an uneducated person. Martial arts is all he knows and the martial arts that has brought him all the glory in life. If he didn’t consider martial arts, he was just an ordinary blue-collar worker (working class) of the United States of America.

Dustin Poirier “The Diamond” is really an accurate illustration of the way to his glory. Under extreme pressure, the Carbon molecules change the topology to become extraordinarily tough and turn into Diamonds. Likewise, Dustin stripped off every game, slowly climbing to the top in two rather than one weight class (Featherweight and Lightweight). His path was not as scandalous and flashy as that of the crazy Irishman Conor Mcgregor. It also does not have the absolute regal as the Russian Eagle Khabib Nurmagomedov. It was callous, hard-headed, reckless, full of traps and left a thorny scar.

Dustin’s stubborn, swapping style, the way the audience had to pay for 5 losses and Khabib’s unbeaten record is unbelievable. But Dustin did not collapse after the failures, but revived even more powerful like the Phoenix reborn in fire. After winning the Interim Title against Max Holloway, Dustin shouted with joy, pointed to the belt and cried and said, “This is my belt. I took my blood to get it, I paid the price without missing a penny. ”(This is my belt, I earned this in blood, I paid in full). A truly thrilling and rewarding moment for the working class boxers of the countryside of Lafayette, Louisiana.

What is more admirable is he turned to the boxer who lost Max Holloway and cordially said: “Sorry Max because I swore at you yesterday”.

That is Dustin, a humble worker from the South of America, a boxer who does not know trash talk but only conquers the audience by his dedication, hard work and a brave heart. Although he knows that Khabib is a huge mountain, he hopes that he will create miracles and be blessed by the smile of the god of victory.