Practicing martial arts makes you smarter

Many people still think that martial arts are a discipline that has nothing to do with intelligence. Science has proven the opposite! Many studies have also shown that physical activities such as martial arts practice also increase the size of the hippocampus. It’s an important part of the anterior brain that directly affects memory.

Practicing martial arts is like an engine that generates emissions. Brain activity produces a variety of waste products, each of which is eliminated differently by complex biochemical processes.

Unlike some sports, practicing martial arts requires a lot of brain use. Neurological responses in martial arts are complex, including the process of accepting the problem and processing it with muscle behavior.

In some highly tactical subjects like BJJ or MMA, you not only play physically but also have to think a lot. Even the practice of martial arts is not simply a matter of muscles.

You must always think to correctly recognize what you are learning. And at the same time feel the impact of that knowledge on yourself. Practicing martial arts not only affects the muscles but also helps the brain to fight better.

The practice of martial arts helps increase blood circulation, not only provides oxygen and better cleans the brain vessels. But that also helps to remove waste from the brain. Don’t feel strange when you suddenly become more alert just thanks to a few gentle exercises after hours of tiring work.

Some research groups around the world are also doing many experiments to find out an interesting problem. People who practice martial arts have better mental health because their nerve cells have more myelin sheaths. This means that nerve signals transmit faster and make them smarter.

The exercisers have more myelin sheaths along nerve cells. That helps them transmit signals faster and leads to better judgment and problem solving.