Taekwondo – Increasing the physical development of children

In Korea, parents have participated in Taekwondo practice since elementary school and considered it an integral part of the parenting process. So where is the secret that makes Taekwondo play such an important role for children?

Taekwondo is a long-standing martial art from Korea and is one of the most popular sports in the world. Certainly this will be a great experience exclusively for children participating in this practice.

Taekwondo with various strength exercises is one of the methods to consume energy, develop physical effectively with more than 400 calories in just 1 hour of exercise.

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Therefore, for overweight and obese babies, Taekwondo helps the body become firmer, burn fat and be more fit. As for the sick, picky eaters Taekwondo help improve resistance, help children eat more delicious.

Characteristics of Taekwondo compared to other martial arts is very focused on the leg and there are exercises to support height for children. The extensive system of lower body exercises is one of the ways to stimulate the effective physical development of bone length.

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In just about 3 months of practicing this subject, parents will see a marked change in their child’s height compared to their peers. Children will not be able to defeat all the bad guys but at least can protect themselves in emergency situations.

Taekwondo is a skillful combination of coordination, movement and balance of both hands and feet. Because of that, it requires our children to concentrate so hard to do it. At the same time, it is also the best way to train to increase concentration. Therefore, when starting to do any work, the child will be very attentive and not easily labeled.

The exercises in Taekwondo have a certain length and complexity. So when participating in the exercise, the children will be intelligent.