The biggest differences between ONE Championship and UFC (Part 2)

Organizational culture and boxers

While UFC names events by numbering, the ONE Championship tournament names the event in a rather “swordplay” and “cool” style. From the first events, they held the nights of Battle of Heroes, Destiny of Warriors, or Pride of a Nation …

These event names are used only once, based on the intention of promoting the leading MMA award in each country, each case … and forming a unique culture.

UFC is almost exactly fighting, less based on the quintessential art of martial arts, strength, weight through blows, lack of dedication, while MMA has the essence of martial arts.

ONE Championship is associated with the culture, martial arts of each country, art of blow, with great martial arts value, humanity, respect for opponents.

Similarly, boxers of ONE Championship are also built in a very different way. If UFC boxers are built and famous based on “dramas”, scandals, media attacks, the leading Asian MMA tournaments require MMA fighters to maintain the image of traditional Asian martial arts  respecting each other and proving themselves as the hero of the nation, the main martial arts types that they pursue.

The One Championship respects the martial artist’s ego but still keeps them following a media framework that says “No” to scandal

Whether UFC or MMA, and many other sports, including American wrestlers, have a global development plan, they are always aiming for the Asian market, where the world’s largest audience is viewed through interactions. audiovisual devices such as smartphones, or computer versions …

In addition to direct viewers, MMA also has huge commercial contracts with advertising programs. Currently the number of subscribers subscribes to the MMA matches developed by ONE Championship.

MMA matches are usually directly to 120 countries in the world, the market grows fastest and strongest compared to famous sports brands such as NBA, Premier League, UFC, American wrestlers, heavy boxing.

On the other hand, ONE Championship also goes to Asian countries to recruit talented young boxers and then sign an official contract with the boxers.