The mysteries of Ninja martial arts (Part 2)

People often use Judo martial arts to train their bodies because their attacks are based on studies of the human body.

Judo learners do not often attack opponents, they only show their hands when they realize the danger is affecting their bodies. Judo has many benefits for Ninja when on duty.

They often control the enemy until they lose their balance. Can stumble due to losing momentum or by Judo boxers cut by a blow on the side of hip and ankle.

Rapid refinement is the first thing that learners need to have, they are flexible, will attack quickly.

It can be said that this Ninja martial arts attack or defense mainly comes from Zen thoughts. It is as tight and strong as a storm and not as light as one feels when it comes to watching the martial arts bring Taoism.

This is a martial art that takes advantage for Ninja if it has to face a disadvantage. Because simplicity, agility and flexibility are the first factors they equip themselves in arduous journeys.

Karate – Art of fighting

Karate is a martial art that primarily attacks with ineffective and famous hands.

It has martial arts features such as punches, kicks, elbow blows, knees and hand-opening techniques.

In addition, Karate also has techniques for punching, blocking, dodging, knocking and hitting techniques.

In order to increase the strength of the attacks, Karate uses hip rotation or kime techniques, to focus the whole body’s energy at the time of the fight.

While fighting, Karate does not accept the violence in thought, so it has the clarity of each attack.

Karate started from the Ceremony and also ended with the Ceremony. It has the power of Zen but it is not as secluded and relieved as Dao. It is an intense synthesis of many elements to create a martial artist.

Train other skills

Not only do you need to learn the above techniques, the person who wants to do Ninja has to spend a long time training to have other skills perfect.

They had to know how to hit the thrusting cyber-dart, know how to make medicine, explosives and other types of poison.

In other big times, they have to work hard to exercise to get enough health for many exercises that take place with great intensity.

Every day, everyone has to spend a long time to endure the muscles in the body.

Many things Ninja has to go through such as climbing up a steep mountain, standing in the water for a long time or holding a fake breath, killing many people.