Top world famous martial arts (Part 2)

  1. Jutsu is a common word for many traditional martial arts traditions of Japan. Jutsu originated from the old samurai class in Japan using his bare hands to defend himself and oppose an armed opponent or unarmed. Because the samurai realized that the martial arts method of the other martial arts didn’t work against the enemy wearing armor, they invented a method of knocking down, pressing, strangling, locking hands, locking the feet … to resist the enemy. These methods are generally based on the theory of using the opponent’s power to control opponents, rather than fighting back directly. Art has a lot of different methods, so many different sects have arisen from it. Judo (Judo) is the most famous martial art that originates from Art. In addition, there are other martial arts such as Aikido, … or other modern sects such as Brazilian Art, … all of which originated from the Art of Magic. This is also a martial art that is considered to synthesize the quintessence of Eastern martial arts because it includes attacks such as objects, locks, pressure, punches, kicks, acupuncture points, and fights. However, due to its dangerous and brutal nature, today this martial art is rarely transmitted.
  2. Jeet Kune Do is a martial art founded by Bruce Lee with a combination of martial arts such as Wing Chun and Western sports such as boxing and fitness. Most importantly, Zhuang Cheng uses tons of tons and moves from Western fencing. This sense of Bruce Lee is because of the martial arts when cutting off the opponent’s right line, before the opponent has time to react. However, many people mistakenly refer to as “Right Kill”, with the idea of ​​”eliminating” opponents. This name sounded better, although not exactly the meaning of the founder, Bruce.
  3.  Boxing is a martial art and a fighting sport between two people starting from the West, using punches combined with moving legs, head and body. Amateur boxing is a content of many sports conferences around the world, including the Olympic Games. Boxer Muhammad Ali is a legend of this martial art.
  4. Brazil Jiu Jitsu is a self-defense martial art and a competitive sport through the application of wrestling moves and limbs in the posture in the ring competition. This martial art originates from the Brazilian national martial arts transmission of Master Maeda Mitsuyo and is improved from the disciple Carlos Gracie, who combines the basic martial arts of Nishi with the quintessence Brazilian martial arts and the invention of the “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”. The Gracie family developed later, so it was called “Gracie Jiu Jitsu”.