Why black people are extremely successful in martial arts

Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier … can see the black people have a very important position on the MMA rankings.

The fact that people of color are not only an extremely scary force of martial artists on the mixed martial arts floor but that is also true in many other martial arts and sports. They constantly break the world records, bringing Olympic gold medals to the poor gyms with the frequency that even sports powers have to dream.

Vì sao người da màu cực kỳ thành công trong võ thuật

This article will not mention the quality of training, because the concept of “people of color” today no longer encapsulated in poor countries of Africa. It could be Brazil’s Anderson Silva or a Jon Jones born and raised in the US.

Not only has the average height of 750m, but Africa also has a feature that goes against most other continents. The majority of the population lives in the highlands, the average living height of Africans is the highest in the world. Basically, Africa can be considered a huge plateau. Many territories lie entirely at an altitude of 2,000 m or more.

Vì sao người da màu cực kỳ thành công trong võ thuật

Under these conditions, the air in Africa is relatively thin. It also means that every African has a natural gas mask at birth. The process of living and evolving millions of years on the giant plateau has distilled the black human genome and left the modern world with a special ethnicity. The descendants of people of color after moving to other lands retain this genetic trait.

Slavery of the modern world has taken that particular gene source around the world, especially Europe and America. That inadvertently brought the ancestors of innate champion boxers to better physical training environments, including the world of mixed martial arts, Kickboxing, Boxing. A professional fighter must choose the right coach and put all his trust in it.