Developed hundreds of years ago, Muay Thai is a highly regarded type of martial art practiced today. Its huge following can be credited to the raw simplicity, aggression, and efficiency. Muay Thai, or “The Art of Eight Limbs,” utilizes an excellent symphony of punches, elbows, kicks, and knees. Here are some reasons why Muay enjoys vast popularity.

Simple and Easy to Learn

Muay Thai is for everyone – children, women, and men of all ages. As much as there are hundreds of techniques practiced in Muay Thai, most of these moves are reasonably simple to learn. Martial artists, however, need to keep practicing for a firm grasp of this technique.

Applicable in Stand-up Fighting

Muay Thai is both a martial art and a combat sport. As such, individuals learn and perfect the craft of using all weapons available to the human body. The fact that practitioners are allowed to use knees, shins, elbows, and hands makes this sport useful in different types of stand-up fighting. This, unlike some forms of martial art like Jiu-jitsu, gives you a wide range of fighting options.

Great for Self-Defense

Muay is one of the best types of martial art anyone can learn for self-defense reasons. Largely seen as a striking form of martial art, it also features defensive methods such as the use of pressure points to ward off real-life encounters.

Toughens Your Mind

Another reason behind the popularity of Muay is its ability to toughen the mind, body, and spirit. Besides enhancing physical wellness, Muay greatly improves your confidence and inner strength. The fact that Muay fighters display considerable discipline and determination in most, if not all, aspects of their lives has drawn many people to this sport.

Fundamental Requirement for MMA Fights

Lauded as the most effective striking martial art, learning Muay is essential for success in Mixed Martial Art. It is no wonder that some of the most successful MMA fighters use the art of Muay.