Effective Karate training methods

Every Karate practitioner wants to achieve a high level of expertise. The basic technique is first of all the stances, also known as tons of dharma. The law is important and necessary for students as well as a solid foundation for a tall building.

The basic Karate attack set consists of 18 different tons. However, through actual battles, the masters have created many other tons. Each ton has a different distance, the direction of the toes, and the shape of the two feet are different.

All comply with scientific principles, scientific calculations, between the human center of gravity and the distance between two feet, the weight enduring on each foot. Each ton is adapted for technical attacks that increase the power of the attack by distance of attack and counterattack. Every ton is stabilized, so the human focus is always balanced.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Karate hiệu quả

The movement of one ton is the movement from the waist down. For example, we are holding a bowl of water at the waist level to prevent water from overflowing, we must move on the horizontal plane. When moving you should combine different tones and techniques, with two standards: balance and agility. Only then can you meet the requirements of the Karate Method.

Every Karate technique is scientific in attack as well as self defense. Depending on the opponent’s physique and mentality, Karate moves regardless of position and situation must be actively compatible. The performance of the arms and legs is maximized when attacking, blocking and counterattacking.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Karate hiệu quả

No matter how you use the blow, it doesn’t have a scientific principle that’s not Karate’s. You want to achieve a high level of technical expertise must rely on psychological factors and scientific principles.

Technical power is not the deciding factor but also depends on the psychological factor. A Karatedo boxer who achieves the elements of this principle will bring success in competition as well as in life.

This is an infinite power in man, besides physical strength, there is inner power of spirit. If we know how to harmoniously apply both elements when practicing, we will surely succeed, not only in martial arts but also in life.