Jiu Jitsu – martial arts of Japanese people

When you come to Japan, you easily realize that Judo Jitsu is taught everywhere, for all subjects. Even in the era of guns, the words were more lethal than fists, Judo was still a stream throughout this land. Morality is not only a self-defense martial art but also the essence of Japanese culture. The following article helps you discover about JUDO – the most popular martial art in Japan.

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that fights with attacks such as breaking the arms, breaking the neck, … easily hurting students. So Kano removed those violent elements and made Judo more sporty. It is difficult to determine the exact origin of Jūdō but basically martial arts were born in Samurai society, and Judo is one of them.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Judo

In the past, Sumuari martial artists had to regularly train their health to join the battle and protect the castle and territory of the warlord. Martial arts are the first choice to enhance the strength and endurance of Samurai fighters. Among them, the most popular is martial art, also known as Nhu jutsu.

The level in Judo represents the level of technique and competition ability of each fighter. From the yellow belt to the brown belt, the competition is held in the gym and is taught directly by the martial arts teacher. From brown belt to black belt, boxer must compete against a reputable council. Promotion of this level has international rules.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Judo

Characteristics of martial Judo are throwing, throwing, excavating, sweeping, crushing, strangling, cracking opponents. Judo’s outfit is White – expressing the purity of the boxer’s soul. To distinguish between the two opponents when playing for ease, the World Judo Federation issued additional blue.

Two technical attacks will gain 1 point. It is effective when the throw has not reached the technical level or when the opponent is controlled by Katame-waza in 20 seconds. No matter how many times the blow is effective, it will not count.