Justin Bieber agreed to confront Tom Cruise on the UFC

It all started on last month when Justin Bieber posted a shocking personal status page: “I want to challenge Tom Cruise in the octagonal cage. Tom, come here and face your fears. Who is organizing this match? ”. The male singer even put the name of the UFC president in the post.

Ari Emanuel, William Morris Endeavor CEO – owner of the prestigious UFC championship, had a call to Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun to express his desire to have a real match between male singer born in 1994 and actor Tom Cruise.

A few days after the post-challenge on Twitter, the Canadian singer confirmed confrontation with the senior artist in the climax of the UFC match. Justin Bieber‘s representative responded that he was ready to go on stage if Tom Cruise agreed to join. If he accepts the challenge, Tom Cruise will face the juniors on the octagonal cage. After receiving a nod from Baby’s voice, William Morris Endeavor’s CEO said that he had a strong belief that movie actor would also take part in.

Shortly before that, Dana White, UFC president, also revealed information that two cult stars will join the competition on the UFC next time. This businessman said that this will be the most exciting match ever since the presence of two cult stars of the entertainment industry.

Justin Bieber’s speech quickly received attention from a large number of people. Many people laugh at the voice of Baby because of their high self-esteem, claiming the Canadian star is hard to beat a muscular character like Tom Cruise. A few days later, Justin Bieber admitted that he was just joking around and said the singer would be defeated if he confronted the elder.

Up to now, Tom Cruise has not given any feedback regarding the tournament. Many people believe that the competition between Justin Bieber and 56-year-old actor is like “throw a straw against the wind”. Tom Cruise is a veteran action movie star. He has performed well in lots of action films especially famous series of 007 spy… In particular, in The Mission Impossible he made many people admire by self-act a series of bold, dangerous action scenes instead of relying on the help of stuntmen.