Masvidal won the fastest victory in UFC history

Defeated formidable fighter Ben Askren after just 5 seconds, Jorge Masvidal has owned the fastest UFC victory in history.

Launching powerful blows, martial artists Masvidal make his unbeatable opponents collapse immobile, setting an unprecedented record in the history of the largest MMA tournament on the planet. The martial artist arena was surprised with Masvidal’s victory.

The UFC 239 event took place on July 7, witnessing a remarkable display of talent among 4th ranked boxers Jorge Masvidal and unbeatable opponent Ben Askren. However, contrary to the lively predictions of the experts, the screen of the above ended quickly and unbelievably and set a new record.

As soon as the bell starts to sound, Masvidal immediately rushes to launch a powerful flying blow. On the opposite side, Askren intends to catch a wrestling blow, but unfortunately gets a full-fledged stroke of his countryman’s punching. Askren was unconscious to stiffen soon after and the referee Jason Herzog quickly signaled the end of the match. Askren has regained better thanks to the help of the medical team.

Masvidal’s lightning-fast knockout has created a “wave” on social networks. Masvidal’s achievement broke the 7-second record set since 2006 by Duane Ludwig.

Defeating the opponent within a mere 5 seconds, Masvidal has entered the tournament history as the fastest winner in history. the 35-year-old unstoppable fighter will fight agaist the expected champion Kamaru Usman at the end of the year.

There were some criticisms for trying to hit despite Askren’s unconsciousness, Masvidal responding rather harshly. “The referee has not yet pulled me back. My duty is to continue until the referee requests to stop. For those who complain, don’t watch MMA anymore and switch to football.”

On the opposite side, Askren had to take the first defeat after 21 appearances. Perhaps, the goal of dominating the world martial arts of American fighters will be much longer to be realized.